About Us

Hello Travel Lovers!

Do you like to travel but hate the process of getting ready for a trip?  What about running errands trying to get all of your toiletries in time? How about rushing to pack your suitcase and sometimes leaving items behind? Or just coming back from a trip and having to stress about unpacking your luggage (like sorting clothes, deciding what needs to be washed or dry cleaned)? Yes, we know it can be very overwhelming and exhausting!

Trip.per by Duchess of Noir can help!  We provide quality luggage packing services to busy professionals, students, families and anyone who hates the process of getting ready for a trip or returning from a trip. 

We would come to your house, following all COVID-19 safety procedures, and professionally pack the clothes you would like to take on your trip.  After we pack your luggage, we will weigh them to make sure your luggage complies with all airlines weight guidelines.  Also, if you are running low on toiletries or don’t have any, for a small fee, we've got you covered!

We do the packing for you while you focus on more important things, or just simply relax!

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Thank You for choosing Trip.per by Duchess of Noir! We look forward to making your packing experience a breeze!

-CEO, Shawntelle N.